The School offers a variety of recreational classes. Adults have the choice between contemporary dance and tabletop Pilates classes, choreographic workshops and well-being classes that are tailored to each level. All classes are taught by professional dancers and most are accompanied by percussionists.

The aim of recreational classes is to develop the pleasure of moving, connecting with your body, getting in shape and sharing dance with others. Classes are designed to help you improve yourself, without any performance goals.

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Contemporary Dance

// Move differently //   Dance: A fun way to work out! Contemporary dance classes take the form of a series of preparatory floor and standing exercises, as well as several ranges of steps, movements and sequences. Practice and repetition, as well as feedback from the teacher, ...


Contemporary dance barre

// Technique + Alignment //   Inspired by the ballet barre, the class focuses on the acquisition and consolidation of a universal basic postural technique in dance. A good way to find effective alignment, muscle tone, mobility and coordination of all the body’s segments. Discover new ways ...


Choreographic creation

// Dance to inspire you to move //   Choreographic workshops are intended for those who wish to express their creativity and imagination through movement. The class introduces participants to the processes of choreographic composition, allows them to explore movement in an embodied way, and develops their ...



// Awaken your Creativity //   This class explores movement in the present moment, without pretension or censorship, based on clear and varied instructions. The emphasis is on personal expression, listening and trust between participants. Discover new ways to unleash your talent and stay fit through contemporary ...


Choreographic Sequences

// Just choreographies! //  Following a warm-up, this class is dedicated to learning and performing choreographic sequences created by the teacher. The choreographies will be taught during several classes, but will also vary during the session. Discover new ways to unleash your talent and stay fit ...


Tabletop Pilates

// Strength and Flexibility //   The Tabletop Pilates (reformer) class strengthens the muscles through effective and gentle progressive exercises that promote strength and flexibility. This method aims to improve posture and tone by working all of the body’s muscles, particularly the abdominal area muscles, and the ...

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