Virginie Brunelle

Virginie Brunelle | EDCM


It is first through the spectrum of music that Virginie Brunelle discovered her artistic fiber. After dedicating her childhood to the violin, she transfers this musical knowledge and her mastery of rhythm to a dance training (UQAM, 2007) creation profile. As soon as she graduated, she quickly borrowed gestures from classical dance that she liked to dirty and divert. Since the founding of her eponymous company in 2009, Virginie has created six choreographic works - Les cuisses à l'écart du coeur, Foutrement, Complexe des genres, PLOMB, À la douleur que j'ai, Beating (Stuttgart, Germany), Les corps avalés -  that have been presented in more than fifty cities in twelve different countries. Deploying a choreographic approach that is both organic and intuitive, her works form a repertoire characterized by the raw emotion and by the humanity of the subjects tackled. 
Photo: Anne-Marie Baribeau

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