Initiation to contemporary dance

Initiation to contemporary dance EDCM

Photo: EDCM / Dancer: Mia Desjacques-Tazi

Imagination and movement

New! Based on the principles of body expression and improvisation, this course is an introduction to contemporary dance. Beyond technical training, the notion of interpretation is deployed by the feelings and the imagination of the young dancer.
2 levels: 7-8 years old and 9-11 years old
A webcast presentation will be organized at the end of the session.


The class will be transmitted in French.

**The health and safety of our employees, customers, and communities are our primary concern. Please note that several health measures have been put in place to ensure safe spaces for all.**

  Saturday Sunday
Creative Dance (5-6 years old) 9.30 to 10.30 am  
12-17 years old - Beginner level
9.45 to 11.15 am
Initiation to contemporary dance (7-8 years old) 10.45 to 11.45 am (cancelled)  
Impro-creation (16 years old and +)   11.00 am to 12.30 pm
12-17 years old - Intermediate level 11.45 am to 1.15 pm  
Initiation to contemporary dance (9-11 years old) 12.00 to 1.00 pm  
Contemporary Barre (16 years old and +)   12.45 to 2.00 pm
Stretching-Yoga (16 years old and +)   12.45 to 2.00 pm
Week-end Intensive Workshop: preparation for auditions 2.00 to 5.15 pm  


  • Fall 2021: September 18 to December 11 (except October 9) 
  • Winter 2022:  January

(taxes included)

Classes Rates
FALL 2021 SESSION (12 weeks)  
12-17 years old: one class/week $ 240
Week-end Intensive workshops (6 weeks) $ 250
Initiation to contemporary dance and Creative Dance $ 200
Adult classes + Youth classes (5 to 11 years old) $ 380
Trial class: Ados 12-17 years old* $ 24
Trial class: Initiation to contemporary dance and Creative Dance* $ 20
*Online payment not available.



If registrations exceed the studio capacity people, priority is given to people who paid the subscription in advance. 


Early subscription payment guarantee your participation to the class.
One single payment is accepted. Payment must be made before the start of the first class in the term. We are open Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m to 9 p.m. If you wish to make the payment during the first class, please arrive at least 30 minutes in advance.
Payment methods: online payment (PayPal), cash, debit or credit card.

Refund: For refunds, the EDCM complies with the Consumer Protection Act (Office de la protection du consommateur) in effect in Quebec. Clients may at any time, and at their discretion, cancel their course by notifying the EDCM in writing. To do so, clients must complete and submit the online cancellation form by email. Courses are automatically cancelled from the date on which written notice was sent. No fees or penalties are charged if courses are cancelled before they begin. If courses are cancelled during the term, courses that have been taken must be paid for, in addition to a penalty equal to the lesser of the following amounts: $50 or 10% of the cost of services not yet received. All refunds will be paid within 30 business days. 

Please note that a participant’s absence in a course does not commit the School to replacing the missed course.


Can I take a drop-in class?
You can take a drop-in class for the first class of the term at a cost of $20. Participants who would like to register after taking this drop-in class will receive a $20 credit applied to their registration fee for the term. To reserve a spot, we recommend that you register online in advance. Please specify on the form that it is a drop-in class. However, if the maximum of participants is reached following the first class, we will not be able to accept additional registrations. Please note that priority is given to those who have registered for the term and who have paid the registration fee in advance, then to those who choose to register to the session.
Are drop-in classes available for the whole session?
Participants can take drop-in classes between session 1 and 11, with the last class (session 12) being a free observation class. As the learning pace increases during the session, participants taking drop-in classes need to be aware of the difficulties and risks associated to the cadence of the class. Depending on the progression of the session, it may be preferable to follow a class of lower level.
Do I need to complete the form if I only take drop-in classes?
All drop-in participants must fill out a registration form once per term. By registering for drop-in classes using our online form, you will avoid having to fill it out on site. You only have to pay the fee for your class at the School’s reception before your class starts. Please note that online payment is not available for drop-in classes. Drop-in classes are subject to availability. 
If I was registered in the last term, do I need to fill out the form again?
All participants must complete a registration form every term.


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