3 questions à Kyra Jean Green

Kyra Jean Green created Tous les flocons sont les mêmes quand ils tombent with 2nd year dancers. This new creation will be presented in the show Les danses à deux temps.
The young choreographer answered our questions:
EDCM: What inspired you to create the piece?
KJG : The inspiration for this piece came from the support needed within a community. The title is an analogy between humans and snowflakes.
EDCM: What’s the best moment when you’re choreographing a piece with students?
KJG: The best moment working with the students is when we get to improvise and encourage each other with positive affirmations.
EDCM: In one word, what is dance for you?
KJG: Communicating what can't be said.
Photo: Omar Al Samadi


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