Anticipating the Final Term

After five terms spent at the EDCM, consisting of dance, work, joy, play and life, the sixth and final term is being anticipated with excitement tinged with uncertainties and hopes.
To me, this final stretch means taking stock of my three years at the EDCM. I’ve assessed everything I’ve learned in my dance and personal life. The journey consisted of a genuine search for identity, which led me to many discoveries that are sometimes confusing, but always very enriching. I got to know myself, tame my body, feelings and movement identity. I discovered new ways to move, I learned to breathe, use my body intelligently and listen to myself. I was able to grow in a gentle and caring atmosphere.
When I returned to school in January after the holidays, I wanted to make the most of the wealth of training I had received and the creative enthusiasm of my classmates and friends. I realize that it took me three years to discover myself, but also to discover and learn from others. I’m surrounded by passionate artists who inspire me and make me move. I’ll get to know them better until the final day and long afterwards. 
In this final term, it's wonderful to realize that I’ve become closer and developed strong friendships with some students in my cohort. We inspire each other, support each other and help each other.
Despite the excitement of the last theoretical courses, homework, scholarship applications and the final creations, we’re becoming closer, we’re living together in a community fervor, which ultimately pushes us to go further, to take a step back and put things into perspective.
During this final term, I also really want to take advantage of what I’ve learned, the supervised training and a more organized life. I’m taking a lot of notes and trying to make last minute corrections. I’m enjoying the EDCM’s inspiring living environment to go even further.
I’m also anticipating this term with a lot of humility and kindness to myself. I’m trying not to think too much about what will happen next; I’m taking the time to observe, listen and listen to myself. This past year, which was marked by a particular health situation, has taught me to breathe, to welcome everything gradually and with openness. I learned to appreciate the moments in between, the silences, and to welcome them as a moment of apnea between two complementary movements, as an impetus for the rest.
I still have a lot of apprehension about the final moments of training and the start of something new.
I’m vacillating between the apprehension of an uncertain future, reality, and the desire to go further, discover the professional world, expand my horizons, move, create, meet and continue to learn.
Finally, I’m convinced that the training has equipped me with all the necessary tools for my professional development. With passion and hope, I can’t wait to get out there.
- Elisa Barrat, third year student
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Photo: Maxime Côté | Dancer: Elisa Barrat


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