Preparing for a Journey in Movement

I believe that preparing to enter an art school means agreeing to begin a long process of learning and experiences, which will become valuable tools that I’ll use after I complete my training. While beginning my studies at the EDCM, I’m preparing to completely let go of myself in a journey to the core of my artistic sense, to become a new canvas on which many teachers, artists and choreographers during this journey will contribute their colours. I’m so excited about this idea.
Every day, I’ll have the opportunity to meet my peers and inspiring artists dedicated to their art. As a cohort, we’ll have enriching experiences, ups and downs together and share many opinions and thoughts. Individually, although each of us are incredibly complex and profound dancers, we’ll also develop as a group. I hope compassion, kindness, openness and humility will help maintain a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere in our group. The current health situation makes physical connection between us more complicated, which I believe is essential and the foundation of dance. We’re feeling our way through the pandemic, with its uncertainty, but also enthusiastic and excited about eventually being able to finally meet in person.
I’m aware that I’ll also need to use my body for three years nearly constantly. Technique classes, improvisation, choreographic work, training, etc. I know that adopting healthy lifestyles will be beneficial for my body, the instrument with which I’ll continually work. Dancers are athletes; as athletes, they need a healthy diet, enough sleep—in short, anything that allows them efficient recovery and good energy intake. It will also be important to respect my body, be attentive and listen to its signals. It's the only one I have, so I might as well take care of it!
I realize that during these three years, I’ll experience profound changes. Also, moving to a new city and attending a new school was like stepping into the unknown for me. Not knowing exactly what to expect, I felt like I was plunging into an experience that might turn out to be utterly incredible or that might completely disappoint me... After taking so many steps and making sacrifices in my personal, financial and emotional life, I was only hoping that this training would meet my dance needs and interests.
Also, since I’m somewhat insecure by nature, I was afraid of not being up to the task, disappointing or feeling out of place. But what’s great here is that since everyone comes from such a diverse background, everyone can find their place. Knowing my weaknesses, I have the space to work on them, always in an environment of trust.
I’ll continue to develop, change and increasingly take shape as an artist. Little by little, I hope I’ll be able to take a stance in relation to the environment, aesthetics that I like and those that suit me less.
So, finally, in order to prepare for my return to the EDCM, I kept in mind the idea of being open. Open to these changes that I’ll experience, open to the environment and its great people. I plan to consider this training as a laboratory where I have the freedom to experiment and try, without judgment, while accepting failures as challenges to improve myself. I’m excited and so grateful for being able to pursue this path!
- Laura Brisson, first year student
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Photo: EDCM



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