3 questions to Riley Sims

Three questions to choreographer Riley Sims who started a creative residency on September with third year students. The piece will be presented at the show Cru d'automne 2020 from December 16 to 19 at Tangente Danse.

- EDCM: Why are you moving?
- RS: I move to embody and straddle the feelings that occur and shift easily inside me, the feelings that cannot always be articulated. To catch and experience those feelings that carry many meanings all at once. To find truth before it can be named and used. To connect. To release. To walk my walk, to dance my dance, to find spirit. Find my spirit. I move to gain easy access to the emotions I carry with me, the strengths and deficiencies I have accumulated thus far. I show up. I show myself. I turn myself into a mirror so others can see themselves. 
- EDCM: What is your greatest source of inspiration during the creative period?
- RS: Everyone in the room with me, and impulse. 
- EDCM: In one word, what is Dance for you?
- RS: Spirit
Photo: Ethan Hsu

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