Rediscovering Your Sensitivity Through Training

Upon arrival at the École de danse contemporaine de Montréal, each student is already an artist. Everyone comes from different backgrounds and embarks on a shared adventure. The EDCM program provides various opportunities to discover yourself in different contexts. The performance classes were particularly important for my artistic development.
In this course, I met several choreographers, all of whom had their own artistic vision. At each encounter, I was able to discover a new side of myself. For example, in choreographer Helen Simard’s Tout s’effondre, the choreography required a great deal of endurance and tenacity. Through this extremely physical journey, I discovered a powerful desire to express myself through my body and movement. Exhaustion allowed me to discover a fire burning inside of me.
The work made me feel like I was shedding unwanted layers and all that remained was my essence. It greatly enhanced my sensitivity and helped me discover a physical resilience and a desire to express myself. This creative process pushed my limits and created a deep connection with the choreographic material.
Another creative process that made me grow artistically was for Clara Furey’s Les arbres meurent debout. For this work, we explored how to exude strength, vibration and energy through perseverance and a certain minimalism. We endeavoured to maintain a powerful poise in a slow or repetitive choreography. By refining the body and movement, I acquired another form of vital energy.
For Les arbres meurent debout, I was encouraged to seek ways to renew myself in a continuous experience. Experiencing every moment was useful for energy regeneration. For example, feeling the air on my skin and the movement of my hair was a source of soothing softness that enhanced my quality of movement. 
One sentence that greatly inspired me in the process was “You can experience everything here.” So, in a very simple movement, we have the power to infinitely experience things.
The entire cohort worked on the interconnection between each other even without seeing each other. We did this by knowing that we supported each other through the same action. Together, we found an engine to support us.
With the many opportunities we have to observe our peers at the EDCM, through presentations between cohorts and shows, we should use the opportunity to enjoy their moving and inspiring development. I saw artists around me who were discovering themselves, asserting themselves and becoming mature. Free and creative minds have been my muses over the past few years.
Over the years, my sensitivity has become more refined and my range of possibilities continues to grow and change.
- Catherine Bellefleur, 3rd year EDCM student
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Photo: Julie Artacho

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