3 questions to Yotam Peled

Three questions to choreographer Yotam Peled who will start a creative residency on March with graduating students. His piece will be presented at the show Les danses de mai, Opus 2020 from May 20 to 23 in Tangente Danse.

- EDCM: Why are you moving?
- YP: I always needed to move. I run every day. There is a storm inside of me, and moving is a complete surrendering to it. I feel connected to the nature inside and outside of me the most when I am dancing.
- EDCM: What is your greatest source of inspiration during the creative period?
- YP: The unknown. Intense emotional states, when things go wrong, exhaustion. I tend to be more inspired and connected to my creativity and intuition when I submit to my confusion. I am inspired by the fragility and vulnerability of others. I am touched by the dancers I work with, especially when they are not holding back, and the time spent inside and outside of the studio becomes one blurry mess of body and heart. Poetry and literature is a great source of inspiration, at the moment Taoism.
- EDCM: In one word, what is Dance for you?
- YP: Totality
Photo: Merlin Ettore


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