Simon Vermeulen

Simon Vermeulen | EDCM

Pilates sur table

A movement enthusiast, Simon graduates from l’École de danse contemporaine de Montréal in 2011 where he is introduced to Pilates to increase performance and reduce injuries. He dances in several pieces and makes his choreographic debut in his solo short-film Der Untermensch in 2013, notably nominated for Best Canadian Short Film at TIFF and represented by Téléfilm Canada at the Cannes Film Festival. Passionate about integrating dance to cinema he graduates from L’inis in screenwriting in 2016 with the Louise-Spickler Excellency Grant. Concurrently and to share his passion for his constant search of balance between strength and flexibility, he gets certified with Ann McMillan Pilates in 2017 and has been teaching in several institutions since.


Photo: Sophie B. Jacques

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