Conquering the Audition

My audition experience was much different than what I’d imagined! 
I had experienced a lot of stress during the weeks and days before the fateful date. On the morning of the audition, I felt a lump in my stomach, an alert state of my entire body and my panting breath. It was only when I saw the other dancers waiting in line, all impatient and feverish, that I calmed down. We were checking out and analyzing the premises, the others and ourselves. We were all in the same boat, conquering a precious treasure. There was a sweet scent in the air. Was it that of talent and pervasive determination, or the commitment and generosity conveyed by the evaluators, or simply the experience of this space dedicated to dance (the Belgo at the time)? I’d say it was a bit of everything.
I experienced an amazing sense of wonder during the audition process. I was surprised and moved by the kindness conveyed by each one of us towards our “competitors.” To give you an idea of my experience, I’ll tell you about two memorable and very personal moments from my final audition.
First of all, the team creation test remains etched in my memory and brings a smile to my face. All the dancers were divided into small groups with the same instruction as a guideline. During the creation time, everyone could share an idea as the others listened attentively. Personally, I’m shy by nature but I felt confident enough to express my thoughts. When the time was up, both the dancers and the evaluators got together in the studio. The teams took turns presenting the fruit of their labours. At that moment, I realized that they weren’t simply dance students but rather artists. The groups drew on the same source of inspiration in various continents. The works we had invented in a short period of time were jewels to watch.
Then, what really impressed me and touched me deeply took place during the solo section. Before presenting our solos, some dancers and I went to practise in a studio. We watched each person, giving positive and constructive feedback to help out and give pointers to the dancers. There was no malice, just mutual support. Also, during the entire solo presentation period before the jury, the dancers who had not yet performed waited while cheering on the next and most stressed dancers. Everyone then 
applauded and congratulated those who had just finished.
Finally, I joined the family at the École de danse contemporaine de Montréal. From the first moment of my audition, I felt a sense of belonging to this home.
- Audrey Thériault, 3rd year EDCM student
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Photo : Ariane Famelart | Interprètes : Constance Gadan, Audrey Thériault

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