3 questions to Darryl Tracy

Three questions to choreographer Darryl Tracy who is starting a creative residency with second year students. The piece will be presented at the show Les danses de la mi-chemin from December 11 to 14, 2019 in Tangente Danse.

- EDCM: Why are you moving?
- DT: I like the human body very much and how it behaves-this behaviour always seems to be manifested in movement for me.
- EDCM: What is your greatest source of inspiration during the creative period?
- DT: I find great inspiration in those people that I collaborate with in each project-the individual, the group and accumulation of their energies. Additionally, I find great inspiration in other art forms  (music, literature, visual art and photography).
- EDCM: In one word, what is Dance for you?
- DT: Imperative
Photo: Jeremy Mimnagh


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