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The company Kanpai was created in 2016 by Natalia De Miguel and Jorge Jáuregui Allue. The duo is interested in crossing different artistic disciplines by creating living images from body, light, sound and dramaturgy. The poetic and expressive potential of the body is used to generate sensations and emotions, as well as to question important aspects of society. Their works, White Lies, Clara, and Sayonara Baby have been presented in several theaters and festivals in Spain, France, the Netherlands and Germany. Kanpai is supported by the Injuve Institute, Dantzagunea, the Basque Government's Department of Culture, Azkuna Zentroa and BilboEscena.
Natalia De Miguel
Natalia De Miguel began her training in rhythmic gymnastics and continued her studies of ballet, contemporary dance and theater in Bilbao and later in Barcelona, where she worked with Ramón Oller, Maurice Fraga and Guido Tuveri among others and did the degree of Audiovisual Communication. 
She traveled to London and worked among others with Rosemary Lee, Rick Nodine and Sasha Roubicek. In 2012 she obtained a Bachelor of Performing Arts at The Place, London Contemporary Dance School. The same year, she worked as a dancer, assistant choreographer and teacher at the company Caracalla Dance Theater, Beirut. 
In 2013, she joined Punchdrunk Company and the London National Theater to be part of the production The Drowned Man-A Hollywood Fable.
In 2015 she made the 200 hour Yogaworks teacher training, Yoga Alliance in Tokyo.
Natalia teaches contemporary dance classes at the following companies and training centers: Choreographic centre  Dansateliers, Rotterdam / The Place, London Contemporary Dance School, London /  Caracalla Dance Theatre company, Beirut / Caracalla Dance School, Beirut / La Fundición, Bilbao /  La BAI,  Barakaldo / Ballet Laborategia, San Sebastián.
Always interested in the scenic and video creation, she has done video dance and stage works that have been presented in several theaters and festivals in Spain, London, France and Holland: 2012 Exposure, 2012 Distorted frustration of distant communication (Video dance), 2013 The life of the oaks, 2014 Pathways (Video dance).
In 2016, she co-founded, together with Jorge Jauregui, the company Kanpai. 
Jorge Jáuregui Allue
Jorge Jauregui Allue has a degree in Contemporary History and studies international cultural cooperation in the Interarts Foundation, Barcelona. He started dancing in 1997 and worked in the Moaré and Ikutu collectives in Vitoria- Gasteiz. In 2001 he moved to Barcelona where he participated in several productions with the company La Intrusa. Jorge was a menber of UltimaVez / Wim Vandekeybus from 2004 to 2010. In January 2014 he comes back to Ultima Vez/Wim Vandekeybus for the replacement of What the body does not remember until 2015. Between 2009 and 2016, he starts a new stage combining works as an interpreter, teacher and choreographer. He creates various theatrical works such as Impostura in 2011 (Museum of Contemporary Art Vitoria ARTIUM), The Darling Scenes in 2013 (collaboration with Eleonore Valere, theater La Balsamine, Brussels), Aguirre in 2015 (Artort / HebelHalle, Heildelberg ). At the same time, from 2009 to 2012, he founded with Laura Arís the Ember structure, which develops an educational trajectory and produces shows in unconventional spaces. Jorge regularly gives classes, workshops and choreographies for several international institutions (PARTS, SEAD, Le Marchepied company, Conservatoire de Lyon, La Raffinerie, Circuit Est, etc).
In 2016 Natalia and Jorge co-founded the company Kanpai.


Photo : Kanpai


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