Boomerang - danses partagées

Boomerang - danses partagées EDCM
July, 5 to 9
12 pm
Boomerang - danse partagées is an event developed by EDCM which supports creativity, talent and know-how of contemporary dance artists. It aims to act as a professional springboard for emerging contemporary dance artists.
This platform gives an opportunity to EDCM graduates to present online the result of their creation. This event highlights of five choreographic pieces. The public is invited to interact with choreographers and artists involved by sending an email. Feedback from the audience, who is part of this experience, provides artists useful information in order to develop a choreographic signature and artists' personal universes. This event is free.
This project is coordinated by a committee composed by EDCM graduates: Alexandra Caron, Matéo Chauchat, Julian Czenze, Philippe Dépelteau, Cara Roy and Molly Siboulet-Ryan.



• Enveloppe - Mathilde Heuzé
Dancer: Mathilde Heuzé • Video: Anne Castelain • Mentor: Élise Bergeron • Music: Alexander Formosa, Tony Spina • Costume: Caroline Bissonnette • Assistance to the choreography: Cassandra Soenen, Silvia Sanchez
• (A)vec E(l)le - Louise Gamain & Alicia Toublanc
Dancers: Louise Gamain and Alicia Toublanc • Video: Samuel Valiquette • Mentor: Hélène Remoué • Music: Khalil Abid • Text: Marie Lévêque • Sound: Timothée Viau • Drone: Maël Mubashar, David Bourret
• Si nos corps se faillent, si nos failles se corps - Catherine Bellefleur & Julianne Decerf
Dancers: Catherine Bellefleur et Julianne Decerf • Video: Louis-Phillipe Michaud • Mentor: Stefania Skoryna • Music: Abul Mogard • Costume: Shanty Nguyen • Make up: Doria-Rym Bouksany
• Chimère - Christophe Benoit-Piau
Dancer: Christophe Benoit-Piau • Video: Susanne Serres • Mentor: Nicolas Patry • Music: Charles Labrèche, Gabriel Vincent-Beaudoin
• May the Best Loser Win - Chéline Lacroix 
Dancers: Madeleine Bellefeuille, Solene Bernier, Mathieu Hérard • Video: Louis-Philippe Michaud • Mentor: Alexandre Morin • Music: Al Haytame Farsane • Production Assistant: Noam Auger • Support: Canada Arts Council
Photo: Ariane Famelart | Dancer: Christophe Benoit-Piau • Teaser: Mathilde Lytwynuk | Music: Yosemite by Oliver Michael and Speck in time by Tamuz Dekel • Videos: Ariane Famelart


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