A new adventure

An exciting new adventure. A scary unknown world. Those are the thoughts I had about relocating in 2018 to begin my training in the professional program at EDCM. My name is Gabby and I was raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia and I am an anglophone dancer, athlete and woman. I knew that I wanted to attend a professional dance program after graduating from high school and did my research. EDCM was my dream school and I was so excited to be admitted! 
Moving to Montreal was exciting and scary. I was worried about being alone; I was worried about whether I would be able to find a new community and create a network of friends. What I found immediately, was a vibrant community of students, professors and administrators at EDCM who were there to help and support me. 
I learned many things by moving to Quebec for my dance studies. One of the most important things was that adjustment takes time. As an out of province anglophone, living alone for the first time and studying in a francophone program, I had a lot to adjust to. But being in a small program was helpful. I experienced a sense of comradery. I knew that my new friends and I were all adjusting to new experiences, including starting our journey through this dance program. Spending every day together helped us each feel less alone. 
Classmates become your family at EDCM. I have grown to love every person in my cohort over the past three years. We have watched each other transform into incredible human beings and incredible dancers. They have laughed with me and pushed me when I have needed it. Their support has been unwavering and has helped me become the dancer and friend I am today. 
As an Anglophone, studying in French at EDCM took some adjustment, but with the help I received it was not an impossible challenge. I had studied French in high school, but arrived into this program with minimal conversation skills and little confidence in my ability to communicate in French. I soon knew I could ask for help when I needed it. I had a group of 24 classmates, many teachers, friends in other cohorts, administrators and the internet to ask for translation support. Most of the students, professors and administrators are bilingual to some extent and they want to support you so you understand what is happening in class. I was encouraged to practice my French, and ask questions so they could explain things to me in English when I needed extra support. I now walk into a studio with confidence that I can fully communicate with my classmates and instructors. I worked at it and the community around me helped me! 
Moving to another city to study in another language can be a scary prospect, but I am so thankful that I took the leap and came to Montreal to study at EDCM. These years have given me a tremendous opportunity to grow, learn, collaborate, and to stretch myself artistically and personally. Moving to Montreal to attend EDCM is the most rewarding decision I have made. 
- Gabrielle Kachan, third year student
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Photo: Julie Artacho | Dancer: Gabrielle Kachan



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