3 questions to James Viveiros

Three questions to choreographer James Viveiros who started a creative residency on September with third year students. The piece will be presented at the show Cru d'automne 2020 from December 16 to 19 at Tangente Danse.

- EDCM: Why are you moving?
- JV: My dance practice is essential to my self expression and is a vital way for me to better understand my past and my present, and to direct me in my future. I turn to dance to exercise my freedom to communicate. Through dance, I find new conditions for being. 
- EDCM: What is your creative process with the performers?
- JV: I am interested in the minute and the not so minute details of human movement – a slightness of breath; a shift of the eye; or a surge of energy that creates a shiver up the spine.
For this process, I want to highlight and celebrate the personality of the artists. Their individuality is very important, as well as their autonomy and creativity. They will never be this age again so I feel it's important to celebrate their excellence, power and presence.
I come into the studio with an idea, or a story, perhaps a single movement, or pattern. I then ask the dancers to play and explore, and to investigate the suggested task. Out of this, we build our score. Without the dancers we choreographers are nothing.
- EDCM: In one word, what is Dance for you?
- JV: It is animal, primal. It is non spoken communication. It is a reflection of our inner space, our conscience. It is a reflection of our heart. Maybe dance is how we choose to remember, or how we hold on to the past.
Photo : Ian Robinson

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