3 questions to Andrew Turner

Three questions to choreographer Andrew Turner who recently started a creative residency with thirf year students. The piece will be presented at the webcast show Les danses de mai, Opus 2021 between May 27 to June 6 in partnership with Tangente Danse.
- EDCM: Why do you move?
- AT: I move because it hurts when I don’t.
- EDCM: What is your greatest source of inspiration during the creative period?
- AT:  I’m interested in the shifting textures of moment-to-moment experience. I like the phrase ‘the things we’re already doing’ – all the listening, the seeing, the distance-gaging, the temperature-taking – the proprioceptive intelligence we bring to bear any time we walk into a room. This manically-charged present moment we carry around with us. I try to work plastically with all those things, to invite the dancing body to take its own perceptive streams and sculpt with them; from there, we see what emerges. So at the present moment, my primary source of inspiration is the group of eight fantastic young artists I'm working with, and their relationship to their immediate surroundings.
- EDCM: In one word, what is Dance for you?
- AT: I like the question: "when is it dance?"
Photo: Justin Desforges


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